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While a lot has changed when it comes to internet marketing, Google still remains the top dog and that’s not going to change any time soon. While you need to make sure that you have a good web presence and are aggressive with your marketing campaign (Social Media, PPC, etc), you cannot neglect search engine optimization. As your business grows, people will use Google to research you, categories you will be under and especially, keywords specific to your industry. A good SEO strategy includes:

Content: Whether it’s press releases, blogs, articles, web content, reviews, comments or something else, Google still wants to see you writing and keeping people informed on what you are doing.

Link Building: Every page needs to have multiple links but it’s more than just that. You need other websites, ones that are relevant to your business, linking back to you, talking about your efforts, products or services. Search engines see this and increase your rankings.

Reputation Management: All your marketing efforts will be for nothing if you have a negative reputation. The problem is that a single disgruntled customer or employee can write hundreds of bad reviews and that can scare customers away from you.
Branding: The main advantage of SEO is building your brand. The more familiar customers become with your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase with you.

If you are in need of quick, direct sales and have some money to spend, the best way to do so is with pay per click. By directly paying Google for leads, you are able to increase your traffic in no time and get serious inquiries. Adwords options include:

PPC: Rather than waiting for people to come to you, get ranked on the top page of important key terms the same day you begin. Depending on the competition of the keywords, your daily budget and the quality of your landing page, you can see major traffic within the first week.

Display: This is a more cost-effective approach to improve your reach. If you have a product or service that looks better in pictures than text and the search volume is not high enough, display ads are the best way to go. The ads are placed on hundreds of websites but you can still target areas based on location and interest. This is a great way to get hundreds of thousands of impressions without breaking the bank.

Retargeting: Whether it’s PPC, display, SEO, email, social media or some other form of marketing, take advantage of the visits you receive and keep the consumer familiar with your brand. Retargeting allows you to place your ad on almost any website as you are targeting people who have visited your site and encourages them to return once again.

Social Media
Every business needs to have social media, whether it’s a way to build brand awareness, generate traffic and sales or give your customers another platform to connect with you. Social media platforms are free and setting up accounts can be done in a day. SMM is a cost-effective way of reaching millions of people on their phones, computers and tablets while also giving them more than just a sales pitch.

Facebook: The king of social media, Facebook has done everything it can to turn your company page into its own website. You can now boost ads, create offers and events, sell products, interact with customers and more.

Instagram: A great platform if you have high-quality pictures as you can interact with millions for free with the use of hashtags. Boosting is affordable and can help you build followers in a short period of time.

LinkedIn: If you rely on more B2B traffic, this is the platform for you. While the cost of boosting and impressions is higher than any other platform, there are ways to get a great impact and expand your reach with articles and groups.

Twitter: While it may not be what it once was, Twitter still maintains a high level of interest as it is a popular way for people to interact quickly under various topics. This is a great platform to build a following towards a blog.

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